Since I started this blog, I 've gained weight... That's why today I am gonna give you the recipe of a light dessert. It is healthy,easy-to-do, delicious and low-cal!


200 gr. strain low-fat yogurt
1 jelly powder mix
1 kiwi
1 fig
1 plum
1 nectarine
some grapes
1 cup water


Boil water and pour into a big bowl. Empty the jelly mix in the bowl and stir very well until dissolved. Pour yogurt in the bowl and mix till combined well. Place into the refrigerator until it starts to freeze around the outer edge of the bowl. Wash and cut the fruits into cubes. Add them to mixture and mix ingredients together lightly. Place bowl in the refrigerator. You can unmould the jelly running a thin knife around the edges of the bowl to loosen and putting the bowl in hot water for a few seconds. Turn the dessert upside down on your serving dish! Enjoy!


You can pick whatever fruits you like, prefer the seasonal fruits! 

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