Recently I’ve visited one honey producer to buy honey and honeycomb. She was too polite to let me taste all the different flavors of honey that she sells. I didn’t know that there are so many flavors of honey… such as pine honey, orange blossom honey, wildflower honey and many others… By tasting them it is easy to understand a difference in the flavor and the scent… I also ate some honeycomb! Honeycomb is known for its beneficial properties for digestive problems. You can chew the honeycomb and taste all the honey, it is totally edible but I prefer not to eat the hard parts. I also had the opportunity to see how the honey and candles are produced. It was a unique experience. You can get an idea from the following photos. As for the cooking part, when I went home, I made yogurt ice-cream with honey. It was marvelous!!!!
The beekeepers remove the honeycombs wearing the special equipment. They usually put on a fire near to the hives, the smoke bewilders the bees and the bees become less likely to sting. Beekeepers don’t take all honeycombs leaving enough for the bees. 

Then the honeycombs are placed into some machines to uncap the honeycombs and extract the honey from the honeycombs. The certain honey producer uses centrifugation. Then the honey is filtered and bottled. Some leftovers of the honeycombs are used to make natural candles and beauty creams.


  • 500 gr. Strain yogurt
  • 150 gr. Heavy cream
  • 150 gr. Honey
  • Pile of a lime zest or a lemon zest


8 servings

 Put all the ingredients together in a bowl and beat them till combined well. Let the bowl to freeze and after half an hour beat them again to avoid sharpening. Repeat for another five times. In case you have an ice cream maker pour your mixture in and follow the instructions! Serve with honeycomb, dried fruits and nuts of your preferences!

 Easy and yummy!!!