Today, Greek Debt Gastronomy travels in Crete! Actually, I do not know anyone who has been to Crete and did't promise himself to return at least once! The Cretan people, the landscapes, the beaches, the  drinks and of course the food - are all wonderful! It is the authenticity of the island that makes it so special! From my holidays to Chania I cannot even remember one restaurant or a tavern that I didn't like the food!

My uploaded photos will give you a brief view of Chania and my Ntakos (a local and famous appetizer) recipe will  give you a taste of Cretan gastronomy!


100 gr. feta cheese
1 ripe tomato
4 tbsp olive oil
4 black olives
2 Cretan rusks
Capers (optional)

  1. Chop finely the tomato.
  2. Crumble the feta cheese using your hands.
  3. Remove the stones of olives and cut them into slices.
  4. Put the rusks under running water for a moment (only 1-2 seconds to avoid over-soaking).
  5. Place the rusks on a plate and put on them the chopped tomato.
  6. Salt.
  7. Sprinkle rusks with the crumbled cheese and the olive slices.
  8. Pour the olive oil and sprinkle with capers.


  1. Even it tastes great, it's pretty hard for the teeth though.

  2. Thanks for commenting! Yes, it is partly truth. Try to soak the rusks with some olive oil or you can use Cretan rusks that contain higher proportion of olive oil. They are quite softer.