This recipe is a simple way to grill juicy steaks using (once again) tomatoes! The truth is that when I experiment with steaks in the kitchen I don’t always manage to grill juicy steaks, so when I want to be sure for the result I just follow this recipe. Serve it with French fries or boiled-fried potatoes and a Greek salad!  Mmmm! I think I am hungry!


2 kgs. ripe tomatoes
4 Steaks
2 tbsps. olive oil
A pinch of salt
A pinch of pepper
2 sprigs of rosemary
A pinch of oregano
4 servings


Wash the tomatoes and slice them. Salt them slightly and place a layer of tomatoes on the bottom of an oven dish. Salt and pepper the steaks, add the oregano (be aware not to overdo with oregano because too much oregano will bitter your dish). Top with a layer of tomatoes slices. Sprinkle the oil (you don’t have to add water as tomatoes will drain from their waters while grilling).  Add the two sprigs of rosemary and bake in a 200-degree Celsius oven for one hour and a half. Βake for about one hour and a half. Garnish the steaks with some grilled slices of tomatoes.     

Voila!!!Juicy and delicious steaks!

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