In Greece there are so many (maybe hundreds) recipes for little cheese pies that is so hard for me to pick my favorite. At the same time it's always so easy to find a reason for you to bake some! This time the occasion was a weekend at a camping in Halkidiki. So apart from the necessary preparation of special equipment such as tents, mattresses, mosquito sprays and sunscreens, it was necessary to prepare some delicacies for breakfast outside the tent or for some evenings after some beers when you want desperately something to snack. The little cheese pies (or in Greek tyropitakia) are so tasty and can be kept several days without refrigeration, are made quickly and everyone liked them ...seemed really good idea to me. Even if it was difficult as I told you to pick one recipe, I decided this time to do the following that was in an old recipe notebook that I keep. (However I intend to post other recipes of tyropitakia in the future.)


For pastry  
500 gr self-raising flour
1 egg 
A pinch of salt 
3 tsp. olive oil
1 cup of water (or maybe less)
For filling
250 gr feta cheese
250 anthotyro or cottage
2 eggs
A pinch of salt 
A pinch of pepper

Beat the egg in a big bowl. Then add the flour, the salt, the oil while continue beating. Pour half cup of water in until well combined. Continue pouring the rest of water until the dough is soft but no longer sticks to your hand. (Unfortunately I cannot give you exact proportion of water because it depends from the flour that you will use.) Allow the dough to rest for 20 minutes.  Preheat your oven at 220 C.
In the meanwhile prepare the filling. First beat the eggs for a while and then add the rest ingredients of the filling and stir them well. 
You can use a rolling pin to make little cheese pies (as we do in Greece) but in case you don't have one don't worry! :) Take a small bit of pastry and make a small and thin cycle (try not to make them too big as they will get bigger while baking). Take an empty glass of water and use it to make all the circles that you made same. With other words, press the glass backwards on the pastry so as to cut the dough.
Put some filling in each pie using a spoon press with a fork around the edges to avoid opening while baking. Fold over and place on a baking tray without touching each other that you have already sprinkle it with some oil.  Brush the tops with a beaten yolk and put the temperature of the oven about 20 degrees down and bake until golden!
I have to confess something...The truth is that when I baked them, their smell made ​​them irresistible, as a result I took only a few pieces with me at camping... Please keep it a secret!!!

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